Tangerine tango

Pantone has announced that its Color of the Year for 2012 is Tangerine Tango. I don’t know how they decide these things, but consider me on board!
I never liked orange, but my attitude towards the color was transformed with the acquisition of my beloved Balenciaga Arena Covered City bag a few months before I left Singapore in 2010. I’ve come to realize how many tangerine accessories I’ve picked up since then. I acquired most of my orange faves last year, making tangerine something of a personal Color of the Year for 2011.  
Clockwise from top left: big plastic beads from Les Puces de St-Ouen in Paris; leather cuff from the Ortakoy Sunday market in Istanbul; T’boli tribal beaded necklace, a find of my Mom’s from the Salcedo market in Makati; and of course, my beloved Balenciaga bag (which has since met an unfortunate accident at the evil black end of a Sharpie. Oh, my heart!).
Not quite tangerine, but somewhere in the neighboring vicinity (mandarin, perhaps?), is one of my more… adventurous accessories. I give you the detachable collar, as seen on Man Repeller

Between tangerine and mandarin, collar and cuff, bag and beads, I guess this makes me pretty much covered for 2012!
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  1. Deepa says

    Thanks, Iggy. Re: psychic connection, ang ibig sabihin niyan eh nagwagi ang efforts ng Pantone na mag-promote ng Color of the Year!

  2. Katrina says

    korak! very insidious! haha. Actually napansin ko din ang daming S/S2012 runway collections had orange (di ko pa alam ang tamang shade, tangerine pala). It's a Pantone conspiracy!

  3. Chi @ Carousel says

    Awwww! So sorry to hear about your poor Balenciaga's accident!!! I hope you find a way to get it off.

    Tangerine certainly becomes you – I especially love it paired with the navy top (dress?). 😀

  4. Deepa says

    Chi, I know!! I managed to rub a bit off but some of the orange color came off as well. It's scarred for life :( And yes, that's a dress!

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