For our fifth wedding anniversary, Marlon warned me that he was going to splurge on my gift. I tried to dissuade him from whatever he was thinking of getting me, with the expenses of our trip home, the upcoming move, and the baby looming large in my head.

But it’s hard to say no to such a special gift. It’s perfect for this stage in our lives. Because for the first time, there are three of us now.

Cartier Trinity

Marlon knows the Cartier Trinity ring means a lot to me, because my dad gave my mom one of these. Growing up, I loved to borrow it and roll the ring off Mom’s finger, then roll it onto mine, again and again. And now I have one of my own. So when I see it, I think not only of Marlon, myself and our little girl, but of my parents and the little girl I used to be. A gift can’t get any more special than that.

I’m back home in Amsterdam, and what a relief it is for my overheated, pregnant body. When we arrived at Schiphol, the outside temperature was 8ºC and it felt like the best thing ever! I loved being home and being with family and friends, but towards the end of my stay the heat really took a toll on me physically. I felt huge and bloaty, and it seemed my every movement was accompanied by a pant, grunt or a few drops of sweat. Now I feel more energized, more compact (if that’s even possible, since I’m expanding like mad) and more like myself.

I have lots of pictures and stories from my three weeks back home, but my Macbook Pro doesn’t want to start up. I’m hoping it can still be rescued, but I may have to prepare for the worst. Plus, things are super busy (and messy!) at home as we pack up everything for the move to our new house (!!!) in a few days. So this week, I’m afraid I won’t be blogging as frequently as I’d like to. Maybe you’d like to poke around the archives instead?

Hope your 2013 has gotten off to a roaring start. Wish me luck with everything… I’ll need it!

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