El Nido: Sunset at Corong-Corong beach

While island-hopping is *the* thing to do in El Nido, Palawan, it isn’t the only thing to do.

Taking a break between island-hopping days (because, you know, it’s such a tough job!), Marlon and I hired a tricycle to explore El Nido by land. Tricycles in El Nido are serious, hefty, all-terrain metal workhorses, and it’s easy to get one in town. Prices vary depending on your chosen destination; we managed to negotiate a full-day road trip to two beaches for Php 1,300.

Most island-hopping tours depart from the main waterfront of El Nido, but ours took off from Corong-Corong beach, a few kilometers south of town proper.

Corong-Corong beach El Nido low tide

When we returned to Corong-Corong at the end of the tour, this brief glimpse of the beach at sundown made me curious about coming back for another look.

Corong-Corong beach El Nido bancas at sunset

With a determined grumble, our diesel-powered chariot charged up the steep, winding road from El Nido town towards Corong-Corong beach.

Corong-Corong beach El Nido sunset

At the top of the hill, this view opened up and a tiny squeal of delight escaped me, prompting our driver to pull over to the side of the road. “Picture muna, ma’am?” he said with a chuckle.

Corong-Corong beach El Nido

He pointed out our destination: Las Cabanas, a secluded resort at the southernmost tip of Corong-Corong beach.

From the road, we followed an up-and-down muddy dirt path about 100m toward the general direction of the beach, confident that good things awaited at the end.

Corong-Corong beach El Nido dirt path to Las Cabanas

And indeed, they did: a stretch of golden sand, with only a few day-trippers…

Corong-Corong beach El Nido Palawan

and the whitewashed lodge and nipa huts of Las Cabanas.

Corong-Corong beach El Nido Las Cabanas resort

The rustic charm of Las Cabanas seem to be a good middle ground between the five-star luxury and backpacker options. If I ever returned to El Nido with Tala, I’d opt for a more laid-back vacation away from town, and stay here instead.

Corong-Corong beach El Nido Las Cabanas tree

This end of Corong-Corong beach is a great place to enjoy the last few hours of the day, walking along the shore…

Corong-Corong beach El Nido Las Cabanas loungers

sinking down into one of these white loungers…

Corong-Corong beach El Nido margaritas at Las Cabanas

and savoring a frozen margarita for two as the sun sets. (Yes, this is where my New Year’s toast was from.)

Corong-Corong beach El Nido sunset high tide

Remote, relaxed and absolutely gorgeous. (A drink always helps, too. Don’t quote me on that.) Not a bad way to unwind from the rigors of island-hopping at all!

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  1. says

    Wow, the place is gorgeous! I’ve never been to El Nido yet but I’m vicariously living the experience through your photos. May guide na ako where to go if ever. :)

  2. says

    Beautiful photos! I’ve been to El Nido, but I never got the chance to visit the main island and the town. We stayed at Miniloc resort and got to look at Lagen and Pangalusian Island. I’d love to go back, if budget permits!

    • Deepa says

      Wow you got to stay at Miniloc! Next time I hope we get to do the more upscale options too. I still have one post up my sleeve about El Nido town itself and why I enjoyed it.

  3. Joanne says

    Hi can we stay at Las Cabanas and still be able to do island hopping? Coz I have been reading some blogs and I think jump off point for all island hopping is at the main waterfront of El Nido :)

  4. Cheers says


    The photos you posted is not from Las Cabanas… Las Cabanas is located at the farthest part of that Corong Corong beach line but not to bash, do you know the name of that resort in your photo? I really forgot the resort’s name and I would want to contact them… Your reply will be appreciated… Thanks bunch…

    • says

      Hi Cheers, you’re right, my mistake. We met the owner and she gave us her family business card, but I’m afraid I’ve lost it. At the time, they didn’t have a Facebook page or website yet. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

      • Cheers says

        Me too…. I lost mine…. I just can’t find their resort online and I need to reserve it… Will spend my new year there…

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