When blogging fatigue strikes

Getting over a blogging slump

You may have noticed that it’s been quiet around here lately. You may have also noticed that the blog’s been sporting a new look, but that I haven’t said anything about it yet.

I suppose I wouldn’t be a blogger if I didn’t get to the point where I wanted to stop blogging. I’ve been blogging since 2003, and I never really thought it would happen to me, but here it is: the dreaded blogger’s fatigue. Perhaps it’s inevitable in a blogger’s life, like a rite of passage.

For the last couple of weeks I haven’t even wanted to look at my blog. I’ve ignored the drafts on my editorial calendar, the folders of carefully selected photos on my desktop, the unwritten posts from New York, which was three months ago. It’s not that fun things haven’t happened to me in the last few weeks, or that I haven’t had great ideas; I just haven’t wanted to write about them.

What’s really sucked the soul from my blogging self is that my redesign didn’t end the way I hoped it would. After finishing my new logo and branding, and putting up a basic, functional blog in time for The Hive, the U.S.-based designer I hired just… disappeared. POOF! With a few hundred dollars of (fully paid) design work left to go.

No response to emails, no updates on social media, total radio silence for more than a month. (As a professional providing a service to a paying client, can you really ignore them for a month?!) I tried to be understanding and accommodating; I was actually worried, until I discovered that her LinkedIn profile was deactivated about a week ago. That sends quite a different message, doesn’t it?

I was so excited to talk about the redesign process. I had all these ideas, new things I wanted to do. And now, I just look at my blog and think—well, here’s something I sunk a lot of time, effort, and yes, money into. Now what?

This negative experience has been creatively draining. It’s made me want to mindlessly surf and not do anything. It’s made me want to get out and put my energy into other things—like my family, which always gives me back, multiplied by a hundred times, what I put into them. Or my career—oh yeah, I have a career, I forgot about that!

It’s also made me look at what I really want to do with this blog and say, it’s okay to slow down. I might never go viral or have an army of followers, but before I come down hard on myself for not achieving that, I’m taking this blogging slump as an opportunity to pause and think—is that what I really wanted anyway? 

I care about telling stories, and our life, and the good things that happen to us. I care about words, and about wrapping them around moments to protect and preserve them. I care about my family. Maybe this blog became something else for me along the way, and it’s time to turn it back into a place for the things I do care about.

So, it’s been quiet around here, and it might stay that way for a while, I don’t know. Let me take this time to slow down and refocus, and let me just go get my blogging mojo back, disappearing designer be damned.

Even been in a blogging or creative slump? What caused it and how did you climb out of it? I’d love to know.

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  1. says

    Oh, I know exactly how you feel. I’ve had periods like this and I’ve handled them in different ways. Sometimes I would force myself to write anyway and the result would almost always be bad because you can just feel it when a blogger doesn’t blog out of passion but because he/she feels an obligation to blog. It’s BAD. Much better to just accept it and let go of things. Take a break, you don’t even need to explain anything. My guess is you are going to find the passion for blogging again – sooner or later.

  2. Sheila Paul says

    Awww Deeps, don’t worry about it for now. You can’t always be struck by inspiration, it just happens, right? For what it’s worth I have always admired you for keeping up your wonderful stories since 2003. Me, the woman who’s continued to start and stop blogging since 2004. I have friends, some of them who don’t even know you, who read your well-crafted words. So you may not feel you’ve gone viral best rest assured what you’ve been saying matters and inspires people.

    Pa-salvage natin yang designer na yan, sino ba sha?!?

    • says

      Aww thanks. I think I’ve just been so used to writing for work, whether I’m inspired or not I always manage to write something good. Iba pala pag personal.
      Haay long story with the designer. Naglaho na lang siya na parang bula…

  3. says

    I am loving the new blog design…. I am also not very consistent with my blogging, makes me feel guilty. But somehow laziness, job as a physician, a wife and a soon-to-be mom makes me neglect blogging at times….

    • says

      Thank you Honey, and congrats! I am really amazed by full-time working moms who manage to keep up other creative/personal pursuits. And it’s not laziness, it’s just that your life is so full you want to spend your downtime relaxing!

  4. Tess Kerchner says

    This lurker has to come out and say something. I love your blog and is always inspired by it. You are very creative, smart, eloquent and most of all, full of life. You are the kind of person I would love to hang out with if we happen to live in the same city. I love to travel so I listen to your advice and hang on to every word you say. What I am trying to say is, other than all the reasons you may have for writing, there are some people like me who takes pleasure in reading it.

    • says

      Thank you Tess for your comment (and for de-lurking!). I mostly write for myself, because I love it, but it’s so heartwarming to hear from total strangers who enjoy what I write!

  5. says

    So sorry to hear the woman disappeared, not a nice thing to do (at all).
    To answer your question, I take breaks (lots of them), my family comes first, that is my priority. I put a sign saying I’ll be away, and every time it makes me nervous because I think people won’t come back to read or forget that I exist but thankfully that has never been the case.
    You have a wonderful blog, and I think it is quite human to take breaks or feel that inspiration has gone out completely. Recharge your batteries and then come back again with full speed.
    All the best!!

  6. says

    Oh yes. I’ve struggled with this for the last year. Still am.
    And from what I’ve seen on the internet lately it’s something A LOT of bloggers are feeling at this very moment.
    And for people who don’t make a living at blogging it’s nice that you can just step back and focus on other parts of your life. Your Blo-Mo-Jo (hey I just made that up!) will come back when it’s ready.
    In any case, I love your blog, your writing, your photos. You have a distinct voice that is so pleasurable to read.

    • says

      I know, Jill! I’ve been seeing this sentiment on many other (big) blogs as well.
      Definitely one silver lining has been this sense of freedom that comes from a realization that I don’t need to work at this blog as if it’s all I have… because, well, it’s not. Does does that make sense? Haha.
      Thanks for your encouragement :)

  7. Anjeline says

    Hang in there Deeps! Silence/slumps/dead ends are very good, if approached the right way (as a defrag period). The important thing is that you’ve built up a great commitment to chronicling what matters to you, as well as a great and loyal audience—those are things that will only deepen and flourish with a good break. Write for yourself again in a little bubble of clarity and intimacy, then see where that brings you. Somewhere fresh and vibrant and very Currystrumpet, no doubt. :-)

    And as for that designer… tsk. Not cool. HUG! Shake it off and shimmy away.

    • says

      Defrag! I haven’t had to do that since I’ve switched to a Mac (almost seven years!), but that’s a great analogy.
      I was kind of lurching away like Frankenstein. Shimmying sounds more fun 😀

  8. Julie says

    Please take all the time you need to get back in the groove but don’t give up! I really enjoy reading your blog and love your unique point of view. I’m a Filipina based in London, I went to Ateneo too and graduated in 2001, if you ever take a city break here please let me know and happy to show you around a few design and craft stores and nice cafés and markets :-)

    • says

      Thank you, Julie! Gosh I love delurkers :)
      London is so near yet so far (those expensive visa fees, tsk tsk). But it’s been on my list for ages. Hopefully one day soon :)

  9. Imelda from Manila says

    I love you Dipdip! I read evry bits and pieces of everything you blog and always look forward to it , I never post any comment and just be a silent ‘fan’ and I know there many of your readers like me. And ditto to what ate commented! Love you and feel your pain, Dipsydoodledo, take a break, recharge and do what makes you happy, you owe it to your self!

  10. says

    I think we’ve been blogging for almost the same number of years, so I know how the inspiration pool can ebb and flow.

    Feel free to take time off and recharge. Just know that you have a number of wonderful readers who are waiting for you. That’s what always inspires me, the voices of the people who thank me for taking the time to share my thoughts. And from the looks of this post alone, you have quite a number. :)

    PS: I love your new design. It’s fresh and clean! :)

  11. says

    It’s so OK (and important and human) to step back and focus on different parts of your life! And particularly easy if your life doesn’t depend on your blog like for pro-bloggers 😉 I’m already looking forward to more of your witty writing style, sense of humor and beautiful photos… so whenever you’re ready! Or in IRL 😉 Oh and gosh that disappearing designer: so unprofessional!
    Have a great weekend Deepa!

  12. says

    Hello, Deepa! I think we’ve been blogging for the same number of years, and we’re going through the same thing. I moved to Wordpress this year, and you’d think I’d be raring to put up entries every day. Strangely enough, nawalan ako ng gana magsulat. Haha. It doesn’t help that my design is not looking good (I have to finish my moodboard to show my designer what I want pa).
    I think for people like us who’ve been blogging for a while, the time comes when you want to pause for a while and re-think where you want your blog to go or how you want it to be. So, ok lang yan. Take a break and I’m sure you’ll get your mojo back.
    PS: Elaine says “hi!”

    • says

      Di lang pala ako! I agree design makes a difference, at least it does for me anyway, and that’s why I chose to invest in a blog redesign that would inspire me. Yun nga lang, marami talagang koops sa mundo and it didn’t work out as intended. The blogging break is going well for me so far. Steady lang muna.
      Thanks Ate Ays, say hello to Elaine for me too!

  13. Pauline says

    Although I will miss your posts I know that you need to reserve your energy right now para makipaghabulan which will happen very soon! Life with a toddler is super exhausting! :)

    You’ll get your mojo back. This happens to any writer. Buti ka pa nga you can blog. Since I write for a living, it’s really the last thing I want to do during my spare time. So I salute your love for writing.

    But don’t be gone for too long, okay?

    • says

      Thank God wala pang habulan! I know it’s coming any day now so I’m doing my best to enjoy this stage. I’m traveling for a few weeks in July, hopefully that will give me the spark I need to start blogging again when I get back. Travel is always inspiring and refreshing.

  14. Kookai says

    Hey! Been reading your blog (lurking!) since I don’t know when but suddenly stopped when I switched jobs, 3 years ago. Got reacquainted with it when I was looking for El Nido trip activities/accommodations. When I chanced upon it, it was like an AHA moment, as in tuwang tuwa ako, hahaha! I spent the whole day and the next backtracking. Found your personal stories so amusing esp Tala. Sabi ko pa, wow, may baby na pala sya (as if kilala kita ng personal no?). Anyway, hope you find the inspiration again to write kasi madami kaming natutuwang magbasa. :)

    • says

      Yay another (de-)lurker! Ang saya!
      Thanks so much Kookai, it’s nice to know my stories are appreciated! Ganyan talaga with blogs you follow, when I met a few of my favorite bloggers in person it was like meeting characters from a book :)

  15. anonymousfan says

    Ahhhh! Im havin Currystrumpet blog withdrawals. I miss your writing. This is my go to website every Monday morning coz u seem to have a new blog entry every Monday morning US time. But, no pressure…take your time. Enjoy the summer weather…maybe in the wintertime you will come back. Ill just keep checking back. :)

    • says

      Aww! Thank you. I do (well, did) make an effort to start every week with a new blog post. Don’t worry, I won’t wait until winter to come back :)

  16. says

    We’ll be waiting patiently for your stories. *hugs*

    I’m in a blogging slump as well. What do I do? I simply don’t write. :) I’d rather take a break before burning out!

    Hang in there! Your following will just be here.

  17. says

    Hi Deepa!

    I can totally relate! I had a blogging slump once that lasted for a whole year! Haha… I’ve totally let go of the fact that my blog will become famous one day and save me from my daily routine job haha. Instead, I use it as an avenue to capture all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) memories of my life as a whole. Keep on blogging! I love how real your blogs are especially that you are also a Filipino based overseas like myself :-)


    • says

      Hi Shan! I’m rediscovering my original purpose in blogging which was to use my love for writing to preserve and record all the things that make me happy. If sharing them makes other people happy too, then that’s a wonderful bonus. Thanks for the encouragement!

  18. elaine says

    I so miss your posts! Everyday I check your blog if there’s a new one. Please, please, please be back!

  19. says

    A first timer here. Found your site while checking on DIY headboards :)

    I can relate. I started blogging around 2005 and at first it was fun, but after a while it suddenly became tedious and my love for writing seemed to be non-existent. I decided to put blogging on hold and microblog using Instagram when it came out. After two years of blogging hiatus, I realised that microblogging wasn’t enough as I had a lot of things to say. So during my summer vacation from work I took the opportunity to start blogging again. Now with a renewed purpose and vigour :)

    • says

      Hey Charles, thanks for your comment. I love microblogging on IG too. When I find myself posting more than one picture about the same thing, that’s when I know I have to turn it into a proper blog post. Two years is a long blogging hiatus, I don’t think I could stay away that long!
      Oh, and nice blog btw!

  20. says

    I know the slump you are feeling. I too have been there before… I have plenty of ideas and numerous things to write about, but just don’t feel like writing at times. Give yourself a break to do other things, sometimes it is needed. :)

    • says

      Thank you Rochelle. I still have a little bit of hangover blog fatigue every now and then, but I no longer feel I need to force myself to blog.

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