Brunch in Rotterdam: Memory Lane

If you think a good brunch is an essential part of a perfect weekend, then you’re a lot like me. And if you just happen to be in Rotterdam for the weekend, I’ve got a gem of a brunch place for you.

Rotterdam brunch Memory Lane

For a delicious brunch in Rotterdam, look no further than Memory Lane. Situated on Hoogstraat in the city center, this casual, cool restaurant serves both breakfast and a proeverij (tasting) lunch until 5 p.m. from Tuesdays to Sundays.

Marlon and I started our 24-hour date night in Rotterdam with brunch here. I was already charmed by their hilarious Twitter come-ons, but when we walked in we knew we had chosen the right place.

Rotterdam brunch Memory Lane restaurant

It’s homey, cozy, unpretentious, and casually cool without trying too hard. The relaxed combination of recycled wood, old cafeteria-style tables and chairs, and haphazardly piled cookbooks appealed to the deepest recesses of my eclectic granny heart.

Rotterdam brunch Memory Lane cookbooks

And then there was the food.

Whenever Marlon and I find a tasting menu, we usually take it, as we’ve found it’s a great way to enjoy a wider variety of flavors in about the same number of bites as you’d have in just one dish. At Memory Lane, we opted for the tasting lunch, three courses for €17.50—each one a surprise, and totally up to the chef (taking individual dietary preferences into account, of course).

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves: know only that everything was as vibrant, mouth-watering and flavorful as it looks.

Rotterdam brunch Memory Lane prosciutto

Rotterdam brunch Memory Lane mackerel ceviche

Rotterdam brunch Memory Lane sardines with parsley and mint

We also enjoyed a rhubarb and vanilla ice cream dessert, which disappeared before I could snap a single photo. Don’t the good ones always go that way?

Huge plus points: outdoor seating and delicious home-brewed iced tea (perfect for summery weekends like this one), high chairs (woohoo! A restaurant that doesn’t hate parents!) and outstanding service. We were actually greeted with a smile, which doesn’t happen often, especially when you enter a small-ish restaurant with a stroller and a baby.

It leads me to wonder: are people in Rotterdam really friendlier than in Amsterdam? Oooh, tickling the old rivalry here. You may discuss, or not; as for me, I’m already thinking about my next brunch in Rotterdam!

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  1. says

    Brunch is life! And I don’t eat it nearly as much as I would like to in Amsterdam. This spot looks amazing!

    I’m also intrigued by this 24 hour date concept. Care to share?

    • says

      Hey Marly :) There are some great brunch places in Amsterdam! I should do a roundup of my favorites.
      Haha, it’s not a concept really. We just had the chance to stay in Rotterdam overnight and pack our daughter off to a friend’s house. It was a good opportunity to spend more time together than just the usual dinner and movie.

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