Instagramsterdam: October

Instagram Amsterdam October fall

What I will remember about October:

Long walks in Westerpark with Tala in the crisp air and changing colors of fall.

A turning point in my career—taking on new jobs from local clients that kept me busy the whole month, making little breaks such as coffee with a friend even sweeter.

The gloom of misty mornings and rainy days pushed away by sudden bursts of sunshine and blue skies.

Turning 33, of course.

Did I mention those fall colors? They’re worth mentioning again.

November means longer nights, cozy cuddles on the couch, and buckling up for the arrival of winter. But for now, let me enjoy these fall pleasures while they last.

Instagramsterdam is a blog series rounding up my favorite Instagram posts about Amsterdam every month. For me, it’s a way to appreciate the little things I enjoy about living in Amsterdam, and to embrace my adopted city a little bit more.

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Instagramsterdam: September

Wait, what? September’s over already???

Instagramsterdam September 2014

Seems like I wasn’t here for much of September, no? Here meaning both Amsterdam and the blog.

After Tuscany I took an unintended blog break to get life back on track. I worked a lot on my career and it really paid off. I got my second Dutch client… and it’s a big one. (I popped open a bottle of Heineken to celebrate, wink wink!) Right now I’m working my butt off to make sure that they’ll want a repeat performance from me. Ah, the life of a freelancer. Wish me luck!

There’s so much about Tuscany that I still want to share. At the same time, I have a backlog of posts about life here at home that’s growing longer and longer as well. Life is pulling me offline, and I’m so glad you don’t hate me for it.

Glimpses of daily life in Amsterdam continue on Instagram. This week, you can get a double dose of me as I’m on Day 3 of my takeover of the @sisterMAG Instagram feed. It’s been a lot of fun and a bit challenging too, thinking for a different audience.

I’ll be back soon with my little (blog) hoard of Tuscan treasures. See you in a bit!

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Instagramsterdam: July

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m on Instagram a lot. Rather than feel like I have to catch up on so much blogging backlog, I love posting quick updates on Instagram.

Instagramsterdam is a new blog series rounding up my favorite Instagram posts of the month about  Amsterdam. For me, it’s a way to appreciate the little things I enjoy about living in Amsterdam, and to embrace my adopted city a little bit more.

For you, it’s a way to see glimpses of daily life in Amsterdam—hopefully, to get to know the city the way I know it, and see that it’s so much more than the tired stereotype of weed and wooden shoes. I also want to introduce you to some of my favorite Instagrammers from Amsterdam and beyond.

Instagramsterdam July 2014-8

I didn’t spend much of July in Amsterdam, but there were some beautiful moments nevertheless.

July was all about blue skies and fluffy clouds, a rarity in this land of overcast and gray; yummy, summery meals at the Neighbourfood Market; stolen moments to lie in the grass and read a few pages of a new book; rediscovering the city on my new bicycle (it’s that orange one in the foreground!); finding a new place to work on the water; and simply enjoying being home after a long trip.

Now August begins, the last month of this wonderful summer we’re having. Let’s make the most of it.

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Fall colors on Instagram

Can you tell I really didn’t want to leave Greece behind? All those blog posts were my way of coping with the end of summer and of our Greek adventures. But fall is, and has been for some time now, really and truly here.

Much as I love summer, fall has its own pleasures. Those first few days of a change in the air, that crisp, cold summer air that made me want to breathe in deep lungfuls of it. Leather jackets and long knit cardigans, not to mention the dark tights that are so flattering to short, curvy ladies such as yours truly. Evenings with warm bubble baths, fluffy bathrobes, and full-bodied, smoky red wine.

And of course, the colors, which I’ve been documenting on Instagram.

Amsterdam fall on Instagram

There are not a lot of striking fall colors in Amsterdam, which makes the beautiful bright yellow of the elms so special. Amsterdam is filled with elm trees, particularly lining canals like ours. Seeing the yellow of fall reminds me of this same time last year, when we first fell in love with our home and our neighborhood.

Gray is another Amsterdam fall color—and much as I love gray, seeing it everywhere for weeks is not fun. It’s not the deep, velvety gray of gathering storm clouds, it’s just a sullen, flat gray, endless and kind of depressing. Ugh. On to happier thoughts.

I’ve come to associate fall with a time to buckle down and get to work. With the weather forcing lots of indoor time, it’s a season for starting creative projects, looking inward and focusing on home and family. This fall, I’ve taken up Dutch language classes again and signed up for a couple of cool classes on Skillshare.

I’m also working on plans for this blog, so stay tuned. And if you haven’t yet, come follow me on Instagram for more fall colors and other bits of everyday life in Amsterdam.

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2012 in Instagram

I don’t know if I’ll still be using Instagram in 2013, but I sure used the heck out of it in 2012! Here’s a look back at the year that was via the 10 most liked photos on my Instagram feed.

I don’t blog as much about daily life in Amsterdam as I should. I think that means I’ve finally started to settle in and take the ordinary things as, well, ordinary (as opposed to when I first moved here and everything was new). But I do post glimpses of everyday life in the ‘Dam on Instagram.

This year, 4 out of my 10 most liked photos were of Amsterdam–one for each of the four seasons, actually!

Spring: Blue skies over canal houses

Summer: Villas beside Vondelpark

Fall: Our soon-to-be street

Winter: Early sunset on the canals

Instagram was also where I chronicled my wanderlust. These on-the-fly snapshots of some of the places I’ve been this year got quite a few likes.

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