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Take a bow

While cleaning the living room this morning, I was aghast to find that the tulips Marlon gave me just the other night had… er, taken their final bow.

Dying swan ang drama. Bow.

As in salampak! This puts the “over!” in overnight. This has never happened to me, not even in Singapore.

Ganun ba kainit kahapon? It’s been fiercely sunny the last couple of days, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s been warm. By some weird winter logic, sunny cloudless days actually have lower temperatures of -2 to 3℃ while cloudy gray days are warmer at about 6 to 9℃. And yes, my tropical friends, 9℃ is warm. Masaya na ako doon.

Time to hie off to the bloemenshop for some new tulips…


While canvassing for sofa beds on the Ikea site, I saw this.

Afraidy Krueger! Mothers of Europe, beware! Having gone criminally psychotic after being booed at his last coffeehouse gig, Euro hipster bogeyman is out for revenge! He will make off with your children in the night!

And your little dog, too!

A fitting farewell

Jessica Zafra is all about the irony, so it was indeed ironic that she posted a photo of my office on her blog on the very weekend that it ceases to be my office.
It’s a perfectly timed goodbye to the old place, from one of my favorite writers and bloggers no less. 
Also this weekend, I inquired about a pair of earrings displayed on Rajo Laurel’s blog and he was kind enough to send me a personal reply. It seems to be Pinoy celebrity blogger week around here!

The curious case of the eyeless koi

the new intern found this floating about aimlessly (and sightlessly, i might add) in our office pond one afternoon.

creepy! it’s completely eyeless.

while it totally gives me the shudders, it with all the other normal fish also tugs at my heartstrings. while all the other koi are racing all over the pond in some weird koi frenzy, this one just stays in one corner of the pond because it has no idea where to go. *sniffle*

there are several theories as to the sudden emergence of this fish.

the intern thinks its eyes have been lost in a fight with the other fish (it’s missing a strip of scales as well). i think it’s actually been that way since birth (i’ve seen sightless kittens before) and we just never noticed. in the most outlandishly complicated guess, james, my boss, thinks that a cruel pet owner snuck into our backyard and dumped their sick/malformed goldfish (yes, he refuses to believe that this is a koi) into our pond. now that’s creativity for you — after all, james is our creative director.

JAZA, istatue?

dr. kishore mahbubani, dean of the lee kwan yew school of public policy.

in fairness ha.

if you have 11 minutes to spare or are interested in development or public policy, watch the corporate video for the school. i was astounded by how compelling it was, a rarity in the world of corporate videos for the academe. too bad its mother university’s video has all the production value of negosiyete. ateneo’s sesquicentennial video is so much better.

by the way, the illustrious LKY is my neighbor. his house is on the same street as my office. bawal mag-picture sa harap ng bahay niya so no visual aids for the blog, sorry.


brainstorming for my latest (and potentially huge) pitch today brings me to the land of military slang and jargon. here are some of the noteworthy nuggets (actually used by militarymen!) i found on my exploration.

catastrophic success - a particularly vivid paradox under the “iraq-specific” category, for obvious reasons. defined as “military victory coming much sooner than the plan anticipates, which throws off the overall strategic plan.”

BAMF – bad ass mother f*cker

CYA – cover your ass

FILTAB – f*ck it, let’s take a break

FUBAR – f*cked up beyond all recognition/repair (so much profanity in the military! i wonder why? :P)

HMFIC – head mother f*cker in charge

motarded – a u.s. marines term for being motivated to the point of being retarded. i guess nobody likes an eager beaver.

snot locker – the nose

SWAG – scientific wild ass guess

and my personal favorite: BOHICA – bend over, here it comes again

drei, that one’s for you! ;)


isn’t it funny how i’m quietest — blogwise — when i’m happiest?

just a quick update to relay the following bits of information:

i love what i’m doing at work. i love getting to know the people i work with, and finding much to like (and admire) about them. i love the mind-boost i’m getting on a daily basis, and doing so many things for the first time — crafting a pitch, brainstorming by myself (vs with a partner, like i used to do at gma), taking ownership of a project, going home early (before 7!), even having red wine at the office during the one time i had to stay past eight. love love love it.

my mom and sister came down from KL on friday night, and we had a fantastic touristy weekend — little india, the night safari, orchard road, jumbo. i think marlon was a little shell-shocked with how much we shop/window shop. i have really missed spending quality girly time with my family! now my sister is back in KL and my mom’s staying till next monday. i love having her here — although she DID try to get me and marlon into bed at 9:30 p.m., saying, in a very mommy-ish way, “matulog na kayo, may pasok pa kayo bukas.” hahaha.

i’m flying home to manila with my mom next monday to give a track (a.k.a. career) talk to jonathan’s comm 100 class, and i’m totally excited to tell people what i do for a living! oh and to get my cheap fix of manila salon services! yay!

happiness all around :-)

Burning the midnight oil

magpo-propose ako ng bagong segment for cinemax.

it shall be called… chizMAX!
puro kabaklaan!
i probably should not be brainstorming past midnight. 


now that my prospective employers have been alerted to the existence of my blog, this means i’m really, reallygoing to have to keep my interview outfit top-secret! lol.

i wonder why i’m not dying of embarrassment yet. maybe there’s nothing to be embarrassed about? after all, i survived the andrew wolff situation, which is like the pinnacle of embarrassment, right? who would have known that beefcake could be so integral to character-building?
i’m preparing a seoul roundup, by the way, since i realized that it’s been officially a week since i got back and at the rate i’m back-blogging, i will be writing about seoul for the next six weeks. the scanner is on the fritz so i can’t scan the paper goodies i got from artbox and mmmg, so pictures will have to do.

Contemplating Christian

it’s friday evening and i’ve been zonked out the whole day. having a zonked-out, sick husband at home the whole day gives me an excuse to do this.

i had two interviews scheduled this week and i’m tamad to blog about them. they were both really interesting, to say the least, and i just don’t have the mental stamina at the moment.

all i am capable of doing now is contemplating a christian bale-a-thon.

the thought was born a few days ago when marlon and i were discussing our celebrity crushes. (brief digression: i actually have a married friend who is shocked that i “allow” marlon to have crushes on other people, and that he and i are so open about each other’s celebrity crushes. heller. we’re married but not dead.) i named all of his correctly: anne hathaway, natalie portman, keira knightley and scarlett johanssen. he asked me to name mine, for the record: jamie oliver, dingdong dantes, brad pitt only in meet joe black, jude law only in enemy at the gates, and (what a motley crew!) christian bale.

then i realized i have seen a sh*itload, if not all, of christian bale’s movies. yes, even newsies. inulit-ulit ko pa yan. so i decided to look up his filmography and check out which ones (at least within a 10-year cutoff, oa na yung mga prince of jutland era) i haven’t seen. i realized that with the exception of american psycho and i’m not there (which is coming to town next week as part of the singapore international film fest), watching all the movies on this list will be a major test of the limits of my love for christian bale.

  • american psycho — the ever-elusive holy grail of christian bale dvds. where does one find a copy of this in asia??? i am almost tempted to buy this off amazon!
  • i’m not there — heath ledger (RIP) as bob dylan is a major, major plus. must see next week!
  • 3:10 to yuma — a western? errrr…
  • rescue dawn
  • the new world
  • harsh times
  • equilibrium — though this looked like a cheaply produced movie from the trailers, muntik ko nang patulan when it first came out.
  • laurel canyon — sounds cheesy. sounds like a girly movie.
  • shaft – okay, at least i can get marlon to watch this with me.
  • all the little animalsano kaya ito?
  • velvet goldmine

in fairness what an extensive filmography ha. he played jesus christ in a tv movie. interesting.

oh my god wait! he’s going to play john connor in terminator 4? *squeals* that’s going to be soooo hot. casting coup ito! if there’s anyone who can revive the terminator franchise after that last red-leather-jacketed monstrosity and claire danes killed it, it’s definitely christian bale.

hmmm. i wonder if the local dvd rental has any of these movies. and i wonder when we’ll finally have the spare cash for a dvd player!