Viewing: Zurich

Let’s do brunch in… Zurich

One of my most memorable conversations with my friends (the Glee Club “kiddies”) was back when we were starting out in our careers and excited for life to take us on vastly different paths. We fantasized about how, someday, we’d be living our dreams in different places around the world. When we wanted to meet up, we would pick a city, fly in for lunch (!), and fly back to our regular lives.

Yes, this was pure fantasy, but what a fun idea! That concept of picking a random city and meeting friends there has stayed with me ever since. Recently, it’s met a few other ideas: how much I enjoy a weekend brunch, how rare good brunch places are in Amsterdam, and the many fun, interesting people I’ve connected with through blogging (particularly at The Hive and Blogging Your Way).

So I thought: if a good brunch is hard to find in this city, who says we have to stay here? And why not ask friends (new and old) to take us there?

This is why I’m starting a brand new series on this blog called Let’s Do Brunch! 

The idea is to “travel” to a new city each month via a guest blogger, who takes us to his or her favorite brunch place in that city. On the last Sunday of each month, we all meet here and set out together to feed our wanderlust, indulge our appetite for brunch, and meet a new blogger in the process. Does that sound like fun?

So, it’s time to kick off our brunching around the world. Our first stop: Zurich, Switzerland!

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