Fashion first: the one-piece jumpsuit

They say 30 is when you shed the insecurities of your 20s and become more confident and comfortable in your own skin. One way I’m finding that to be true is in my own personal style. Though I was much thinner years ago, I was too self-conscious to be adventurous. I secretly nursed many fashion fantasies; I would admire a piece of clothing in a store or magazine, try to picture myself in it, then tell myself I couldn’t possibly look half as good as other women would look in it. Then I would walk away.

The one-piece jumpsuit, or onesie, was one of these fashion fantasies. I always thought they looked fun and playful, but nothing I could actually wear. That changed when I spotted a cobalt blue jumpsuit in Zara that I thought would be perfect for a tall, blond, blue-eyed friend. When she didn’t bite, I found myself trying it on… and to my surprise, liking how it looked on me.

I chose to debut my one-piece jumpsuit in Venice. It was the perfect location for a personal fashion first—and to feel like, as Jason said, a 70s movie villainess. Like I had just arrived in Venice via private seaplane. Like I should have been slinking around with a crystal champagne flute, ivory cigarette holder, and entourage of assistants.

You know what they say about wearing something and owning it? I owned it all right, but not the way you’d think. It was more like wearing the jumpsuit made me feel like I owned… everything.

It’s an awesome feeling to have while walking around Venice. It’s really nice to think: I own Piazza San Marco and the Basilica, and all the tourists in it. I also own this pier.

Jumpsuit at San Marco

In fact, I own all the gondolas moored to this pier. I am the sole heiress to a Venetian gondola empire, didn’t you know?

Venice gondolas

My back is turned, but I am chuckling throatily as I survey all that I possess. That blond gondolier? I own him too.

Me and my gondolier

I own this wall, and I own these pillars. Be careful which walls and pillars you lean against in Venice; they may, in fact, belong to me.

Jumpsuit pillars

I own this bridge.

Venice bridge

I said, Parisian peasants: I own this bridge! Leave immediately, and I will show mercy.

Venice bridge with the Duhamels

What I learned: if you want to debut a fabulous but slightly risky new piece of clothing, do it on vacation. Surrounded by a sea of fanny packs, sandals paired with socks, and rumpled rain jackets tied around waists, you are practically guaranteed to look smashing. Plus, you’ll look great in photos.

Have you ever thought something would look awful on you, only to be pleasantly surprised that it in fact made you look and feel great? It could be an accessory, hair color or cut, or a piece of clothing… I’d love to hear about it. Even more so if it made you sashay around somewhere like you owned the place!

Update: I’ve added this post to the Post of the Month Club for June, over at Life on Planet Baby!


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  1. says

    Visiting from BYW. Love the blog and you look so fab in the one-piece. I’ve been avoiding them because I wasn’t sure how it would look but you may have changed my mind! Love from New York!

    • says

      Hi Tina! This one did a good job of hiding my problem area and highlighting things that I like. And the color was irresistible. Go for it! :)

  2. Cutty says

    I recently found out that jumpsuits suit my body type too.  Unfortunately, I have yet to find one that fits me in the chest area.  =D  Lech ang asian sizes!

    • says

      My puson was always the problem with jumpsuits, but because of the wide legs and soft (not clinging) material, this one worked really well for me. It was also quite roomy in the chest, which would be great for you. Baka meron pa sa Zara?

  3. Yasmin Hakim says

    These pictures are great! You totally work that jumpsuit. I’m Yasmin from your BYW class. Great blog and such a pretty look.

  4. says

    This was the most awesome post!  You rocked the one piece jumpsuit, looked just smashing!  I love your description of how it made you feel.  I’m trying to think if I can relate.  Okay, yes!  This was a long time ago lol.  When I was 18 waaay back in 1998, I got a form fitting faux leather jacket (I’m a vegan, don’t eat or use animal products), I’m very short, but it fit like it was made for me.  The night before I had colored my hair a sassy red (from my natural dirty blonde).  I put on my “make me taller” wedge shoes, and went to visit my then boyfriend at work.  His jaw dropped, he’d never seen me anything like that at all.  I felt so great, and so confident when I left.  That was a really wonderful time.  Thank you for reminding me of it!  😀

    • says

      Ooooh lucky boyfriend! That sounds like a total va-va-voom moment. I have total red hair envy, by the way, I really wish there was more I could do with my blah black/brown hair!

  5. says


    I love the way you put the neon belts and that you added the jeans jacket. And girl, check out that tattoo – h.o.t.

    Sweet balen too =)

    • says

      Thank you Starlet! High praise from a fashionista such as yourself 😀 The belt is actually a thrifted scarf that I picked up for €2. And my bag… ohhhh I love it, but I should really stop using it as a camera bag/travel bag. It’s getting old before its time.

  6. Mylinda Tort-Lee says

    I actually think that jumpsuits can look really nice on any figure. Case in point, you look fab in these pics! So chic! However, what stopped me from buying more than one is that I’m not too happy about stripping down when I have to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, I drink plenty of water and must go at every stop. This is an especially cruel hassle when you have a child glued to your waist. But maybe Zara figured out a way around this problem?

    • says

      You are totally right. I made it even worse by pinning my bra straps inside my top, and knotting a scarf around my waist. But you know what they say about suffering for fashion!

  7. Ejlappaw says

     Actually i was captivated by how you carried the jumpsuit!!! you look uber CONFIDENT! you look GORGEOUS! *now go and do the same thing with the other wardrobes*

  8. says

    You look amazing in a jumpsuit!  Get one in every colour and wear them daily.  I tried one on a while back and my friend was on the floor laughing. I guess I can’t pull it off like you!   I also try out new intimidating fashion pieces for the first time while away on vacation.  ps lucky you to own a blond gondalier…they’re pretty rare!

    • says

      “Get one in every color” is a shopping habit my mom used to practice. If I could find jumpsuits as flattering as this one, I would totally do it.
      Yes, that blond one is the jewel in my gondolier empire crown. Haha!

  9. Mimi Agbay-Duhamel says

    Nice pics, Deeps! Kung walang ibang color na magustuhan, magtahi ka na lang. Mala-Tria lang. Hehe! I don’t remember that last pic being taken. Funny! 

  10. says

    your jumpsuit is nice & fits you well!

    i’m living my dream of traveling through you blog. it’s great that your pictures are awesome and filled with information bits. 

    btw, what camera are you using?

  11. says

    your jumpsuit is nice & fits you well!

    i’m living my dream of traveling through you blog. it’s great that your pictures are awesome and filled with information bits. 

    btw, what camera are you using?

    • says

      Thanks Lea! I take way too many photos, maybe only about 10% of them (only the really nice ones) land on the blog :)
      I use a Canon 550D and switch between two lenses when I travel: a wide-angle lens and a 50mm prime lens.

  12. says

    You look great AND in Venice. Double jammie… 
    I can’t think of anything …. I’m far too old to remember anything like this… when you get to your 40’s and me now nearing my 50’s it’s ‘who cares’, ‘I own the world, my world every day’…:)

  13. Contradiva says

    You seem to be a real interesting and fun person to know. I look forward to that chance. Who knows?

  14. pkf says

    i remember seeing a photo of this on FB and commenting about it then. you look gorge deeps!!! you must wear it…. all the time! lol.

    and the way you wrote this post totally cracked me up!

  15. brenda says

    first time here and I love this post – what a hoot!  Love the jumpsuit…the colour and style all of it!  I just turned 30 last year…and felt exactly the same regarding fashion….I feel more confident in myself to just give it a go and hang what everyone else things!!!  I love that you debuted this in Venice…it’s one of my fav places in the world! xx

  16. Jennifer Arlin says

    Beautiful photography.  Thank you for sharing your fashion sense!  I found you through the Planet Baby Post of the Month Club and am looking forward to reading more.

  17. says

    Oh Deepa! This is utterly hilarious. And fabulous – bravo you! And I appreciated the virtual time travel as well – Venice looks stunning. Thanks for joining the POTMC. J x

  18. tatat says

    tatat! i know, delayed reaction but…ANTARAAAAY!! you are absolutely right, gorgeous photos of a gorgeous woman, i have total onesie envy now! gusto ko magshumopping bigla! and btw tala is the spitting image of you (sorry marlon, i know it’s half your DNA but you must admit the resemblance is uncanny). so glad i dropped by your blog :) i really should do it more often. cheers, tatat!

    • Deepa says

      Thank you! Unfortunately, this lovely jumpsuit is just hanging in my closet waiting for my pre-baby body to come back. Soon!

  19. says

    First off… super amazing gorgeous new theme!! OMG to die for! You are so gaping talaga Deeps!

    I absolutely love the colour on you!!! Haha… there are many things I feel like I cannot wear and boots were one of them but since moving to Berlin I’ve embraced them and felt great in them… but nothing like this supermodel moment of yours. I desperately need one and thank you for being so inspiriting about getting more comfy in our own skin no matter what size. You look AH-MAY-zing owning Venice Deepa-Deeps!!!! I will take your advice and plan a new look for a trip!

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