Hi! I’m Deepa, a Filipina mom, writer and wanderer living in Amsterdam. Welcome to my blog!

Deepa and Tala about photo 2015

My blog: What’s it all about?

Currystrumpet is a blog filled with stories of motherhoodhometravel (boy, do I love to travel!) and life in Amsterdam as seen through the eyes of a Filipina mom born and raised in Manila. This is where I live my life and write down the story as it happens.

I also blog about creative projects from time to time—in addition to my work as a freelance writer and producer, I dabble in watercolor, hand lettering, and the occasional DIY.

My philosophy: Live now, write later.

I love life and I love writing. I love to discover new things about the world; they often lead me to discover new things about myself. I love details; they escape us so easily, don’t they? I love words, and I love the challenge of searching for just the right ones.

Each day, I try to wander a little bit further. Dream just a little bit bigger. Be just a little bit different. And doing that gives me just a few more stories to tell.

I believe in doing it now, making it fun, and keeping it real. Then writing all about it when I finally have a moment to myself.

Go out and create; come home and capture. Live now, write later.

My story: From Manila to Amsterdam

Things have changed since I first started blogging in 2004. I’ve gone from a fresh grad with a boring desk job, to a producer in creative services for television, to a freelance writer and work-at-home mom.

I also went from being a girl in a long-distance relationship to a happily wed wife. After getting engaged in Paris, I married my best friend and ultimate travel buddy Marlon in 2007, and relocated to Singapore to begin our new life together.

In 2011, Marlon and I left our life and jobs in Singapore to move to Amsterdam, fulfilling a lifelong dream of living in Europe. We bought a little apartment on a quiet canal on the fringes of the city center. And in March of 2013, we welcomed our daughter Tala to the family. She turned one this year; I’m probably biased, but she’s the most adorable little girl ever.

My nickname: Currystrumpet

Yes, an explanation is in order. The nickname was a private joke between Marlon and myself in our early dating years. I’m half Indian, thus “curry”; he found me rather… um, tempting, thus “strumpet.” Things that are silly tend to stick, and this nickname is nothing if not silly. So that’s how I became Currystrumpet.

P.S. There is no Curry who plays a Trumpet. It’s Currystrumpet!

Like what you see? 

Do tell! Email me at deepa@currystrumpet.com, follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, or peek at what I’m pinning on Pinterest.

Ah, yes, the fine print.

As the publisher of this blog, I may accept forms of cash advertising or sponsorship. Posts may contain paid link insertions and affiliate links. But (and this is important to me!) compensation received will never influence the content, topics or posts I publish on Currystrumpet. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely and entirely my own.

I do not share personal information with third parties (because, well, that’s just evil) and I am not responsible for content from this blog on other blogs or websites that has been republished without my permission.

Okay! Now let’s have some fun, shall we?

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