Doing the Twist

I first discovered The Twist on Pinterest. I thought it was cute, neat and perfect for those days when I just don’t want to deal with my bangs. And the tutorial on Youtube was easy to follow.
Then I went home to Manila for Christmas. My bangs shriveled up on the first day and simply refused to uncurl. Boy, I’d forgotten about that humidity. It would have been a bad hair day every single day for three weeks if not for The Twist. 
Although I know my forehead is too wide to be exposed to the world on a daily basis (a guy I know once told me pilots could land planes on it), I lived in The Twist every day of my stay in the Philippines. The Twist helped me face the world with confidence!

Now, one of my favorite fashion sites, Refinery29, has dubbed The Twist “2012’s hottest ‘do.” So I’m sharing the tutorial here for those who want to get in on the trend (or are just sick of what Manila’s humidity is doing to your bangs). Let’s do The Twist!

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  1. Katrina says

    …edited, just watched the video with my teammates and HOLY COW it's so easy! I always thought that was like a complicated braid, like the fish tail hairstyle. Thanks for sharing! Sa Monday lahat kami ganito ang buhok.

  2. Deepa says

    Diba?! Kaya ko siya like, kasi mukha siyang mahirap pero actually hindi siya braid. It's a faker! (In a nice way, of course.) In my lunch barkada of 12, there have been times when 4 of us show up with this hair style. Haha!

  3. The Diplomatic Wife says

    Love this Deeps! Thanks for sharing! I definitely have the poofy bangs probs here with the humidity and all. So easy and right on trend pa. Galing mo talaga! =)


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