First trimester: Finding out

The last three months have just flown by. Not only does the weather go downhill from today, signaling the end of summer, but it’s also the end of my first trimester. I know, it’s confusing, wasn’t I at nine weeks just three weeks ago? Numbers aren’t my strong suit either, but that’s what the ob-gyne says. I am officially 14 weeks today.

It’s mostly bloat, but yes, there’s some baby in there too.

I’m surprised at how fast the first trimester has gone and how little I actually blogged about it. I’m actually the only person I know around here who’s said anything her pregnancy before the first trimester ended (seems to be a Western/Caucasian thing).

Still, I don’t want to forget; in fact, I already regret not documenting some of the early highlights (like how flat my tummy actually was!). So I thought I’d share a few of the most memorable moments from the first three months of my pregnancy… starting with how I found out I was pregnant.

I will never forget the day I found out. It was the day after Kleine Fabriek, which came right on the heels of an active week in Iceland, and I was completely, utterly exhausted. I intended to stay in bed the whole day, a plan I announced to Marlon before he left for work.

Somewhere in the middle of my sleepy, exhausted fog, I realized that my period was two weeks late! I had taken two pregnancy tests before Iceland and both were negative. Apparently, third time’s the charm. That day, I added a very important new word to my Dutch vocabulary.

The word “zwanger” (pregnant) was set to disappear in an hour or so, so I immediately leapt out of bed and rang Marlon up for a lunch date. Of course, that told him something was definitely up!

So he walked out of his building to meet me with a huge smile on his face. I didn’t have to say anything. A (very) rare ray of sunshine just happened to break through the clouds, shining on us as we hugged. It was perfect.

After our rather cinematic meeting, we had lunch at The Butcher, a new-ish burger bar at the Albert Cuypmarkt. To celebrate, Marlon ordered a big hunk of beef aptly named The Daddy.

Marlon went back to work (it was his second day at his new job!). As for me, after stopping by the American Bookstore to pick up a copy of What To Expect When You’re Expecting, I floated home and promptly fell asleep—the first of many first trimester snoozes.

When Marlon came home that evening, we took lots of silly pictures of ourselves with the pregnancy stick. Don’t worry, it had a cap and a holder, so we never actually touched the part I peed on.

The next couple of days were a blissful haze. I remember lying in bed with him that first evening, simply enjoying the feeling of having this special secret that only the two of us shared. I remember feeling that both nothing and everything had changed: that our life was still “our” life, still normal and still the same, except that we knew something was different.  It was a strange, surreal feeling, but a good one, and I savored it for as long as I could.

I’m in a sharing mood, so I’ll write about a few other memorable first-trimester moments in the next day or two. Anything you’d like to know? And if you’ve been pregnant, how did you find out the first time?

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  1. says

    Oh, this post brings back good memories :-) I was quite sure what the test would say when I took mine, but it was an amazing feeling anyway. I took photos as well of the test and I remember being completely high all day long. Congratulation! Enjoy this period, being pregnant is great (once you are past the first 10 weeks which weren’t my favorites). 

    • says

      Yes, I think “completely high” describes the feeling exactly! The only other time I felt as euphoric was the day I got married :) Thanks Birgitte!

  2. anonymousfan says

    absolutely love your blog and the positivity it exudes. you and your husband are so laid back and cool. wishing you tons of love and positivity during your pregnancy. keep it up! 

    • says

      Thank you so much :) My husband is a lot more easygoing than I am! And Amsterdam is a pretty laid back city too, so living here helps us keep this frame of mind.

  3. Katrina Atienza says

    Hugs, Deepa!!! This brings back so many good pregnancy memories. With my second, two things clued me in: first, I found myself deeply exhausted — like bone tired — at my weekly futsal game, after just a few minutes playing. Second, I was watching a NatGeo documentary on premature babies and at one point I started bawling for no good reason. I was starting to suspect I was pregnant – a test when I was about 4 days delayed confirmed it!

    • says

      Mismo, bone tired din ako after Kleine Fabriek. And I think I just had my first hormonal outburst yesterday… Claire Danes would have been proud of my ugly cry. Thanks for sharing Iggy!

  4. says

    I was more than a month late when I did the pregnancy test. We wanted to be sure because before that, I did a pregnancy test when I was delayed for a few weeks, and it turned out negative. I remember looking at the kit and the moment I dropped the urine, I can see my urine quickly going up the kit and ping – 2 red lines – positive! No need to wait 3 minutes. And then I think I was overwhelmed, no feeling at first, no jumping up and down for joy. When I showed the test to hubby, he hugged me and gave me his biggest smile.  I had to let it sink first hahaha. To think we were really trying to have a baby then. I guess part of me didn’t expect it because the first times we tried, we failed. And then bam! 

    Sorry napahaba kwento ko :)

    • says

      Thanks for sharing, Cris! We had been trying for a while, too. I waited for more than 5 minutes before checking what the test said, just to be sure!

  5. says

    I will agree with the commenters above me. Your blog is fun and inspirational. Always a treat when there’s a new post on my feed. 
    Congratulations on your pregnancy! :)

    PS the silhouette photo of you is beautiful.

  6. Angelique says

    I didn’t announce until the first trimester was over. I was paranoid.
    Then I flew from France to Manila in the second trimester to announce to everyone … live, in person.

    I found out when I had lunch with a friend in Marseille.
    She kept growing large and small, moving near and far … like an optical illusion.
    While we were sitting down and eating.
    I knew something strange was going on. My body and brain were off-kilter.
    The first thing I did after, was to take the pregnancy test :)

    • says

      I have a Pinay friend married to a Swiss-French guy, and her in-laws absolutely would not hear of her saying anything before the second trimester. I would have loved to be able to tell everyone in person, though. You’re so lucky you got to go home!
      The optical illusion with your friend sounds really freaky! I’m glad for me it was “just” intense fatigue.

  7. Sflores Simon says

    I almost forgot how fun it is to read your blog! I particularly love this entry simply because I could relate. It was so hard for us to keep it from everyone as we had to wait until the first trimester was over! I can’t believe I’m actually saying this right now but IF or WHEN we get preggers again, I am so going to copy this silhouette photo of yours! Stunning!

      • Sflores Simon says

        Okay.. Now it’s an IF lol! I am now suffering from Tendonitis. My left wrist gave in from carrying Benoît so I’m wearing a splint! Eep. But oh, the joys of motherhood!

  8. says

    it is been a while since I dropped by so I was pleasantly surprise to find out that a baby is on the  way!
    so happy for you and marlon. beautiful silhoutte shot.
    looking forward to more baby posts! are you having  maternity pictures taken?


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